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 Our mission is to advance your messages to the world, to increase your ROI, leads, traffic and paying clients. 


On Social Media

Continuous Growth On Social Media Through Engaging Content


In Sites & Apps

More Traffic, More Users to Read, Browse and Engage With Our Sites


Lead Gen From Funnels

Increasing Demand and Leads Through Advanced Funnels, to Scale Your Company’s Operations

What makes us different?

RCM Digital is not like your usual marketing agency, we strongly believe that the only true way to achieve success is by working together, as partners, our team keeps you involved and in the know of what is going on, how we are building your perfect marketing strategy from planning, to precise execution. 

Our partners

What we do best?


How do we do it

Step 01
Business Characteristics
Service, Industry & Messages
Step 01
Step 02
Target Audience
Age, Gender, Geo, Interests, Roles & Positions, Company Type & Social Media Channels
Step 02
Step 03
Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly KPIs, Success Metrics & Objectives
Step 03
Step 04
Marketing Plan
Budget, Channels, Funnels, Customer Journey, MQLs & SQLs
Step 04
Step 05
Publishing, Running & Tracking Our Live Campaigns
Step 05
Step 06
Following Up on Key Metrics & Advancing Towards Success
Step 06
Step 07
Optimization & Cotinuous Increase of ROI / ROAS
Step 07

How can we help?

Take Your Company to the Next Level of Creative Marketing.

Meet the team


Raziel Noam,

Founder & CEO

Shira Greenfeld,

Head of PPC

Raz Grauer,

Head of Innovation

Dana Sirota

Client Partner

Our partners say

כשותף באינספור פרויקטים שליווינו יחד וגם מהחוויה האישית שלי כלקוח הצוות של רזיאל משלב הבנה מעמיקה ועדכנית של כל טכנולוגיות השיווק
As a partner in countless projects that we have accompanied together and also from my personal experience as a client: Raziel's team combines a deep and up-to-date understanding of all digital marketing technologies, a strategic view of the brand and its needs, and thorough lean and efficient dedicated work. This is the choice for businesses that want to see excellent results, without being dragged into inflated and excessive processes. Highly recommended!
Yair Weiss
Creative Communication Consultant & Lecturer
עיצוב ללא שם (34)
Very professional, always available. Shows results consistently. Very creative minds.
Open Space
עיצוב ללא שם (33)
Best Marketing Agency we’ve ever worked with! Our company needed someone to understand the field and the pain of our audience, and RCM Digital is great for that. Recommended for all tech companies looking for an agency that works as a partner.
Shimon Tolts, CEO
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