Content Scheduling for Social Media

When is the best time to publish your post?  If you manage a social media page, you’ve probably asked yourself that once or twice.  How to make sure each post we publish gets the impressions it deserves? We went out and checked what would be the optimal time and day.

According to a research, held by HootSuite, which develops tools for social media management, and was conducted based on a pool of millions of users, it’s been approved that there are hours and days when your followers on social media will be more responsive to your content and it would be more likely to become viral on those times. 

Short Summary of the Results:

Generally speaking, according to the research, the best time to publish your content on social media is between 9 am to 12 pm, on Mondays, but each platform has its own optimal scheduling.

Would it work for everyone?

The simple answer, is no. Even though we would all hope there were “Golden Hours”, or days, to publish on, sadly, there is no one universal truth. 

Your best days and hours could be found after you’ve published your content on several different occasions, randomly, and then analyse your data, according to your activity. 

By doing so, you could see which post became more successful, and analyse when it was published, so you could plan ahead accordingly. 

How to get it right?

Each platform has its own dashboard, for analysing data from your activity.

Take LinkedIn for example:

  1. Go to your business page.
  2. Click Analytics.
  1. Click Content.
  1. Scroll down until you see a list of your published posts, according to a customizable time range. 
  2. Choose the most successful posts.
  3. Voi la! 

  With smart management and a correct analysis and use of your data, you could optimize the time and day of your content and make sure each post gets a lot more impressions, engagement and replies! 

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